BBQ Restaurant Franchises – The Definitive Guide

Few things are much better than the fire and satisfaction that’s brought from the superb aroma of BBQ food.

There’s little doubt in anyones mind that if barbecue was a national meals, at the United States it’d win without sacrificing a breath. One of the chief reasons for this is that the very simple truth that barbecue is appreciated World over by virtually every civilization which you may imagine, and therefore, enjoys a degree of fame not seen in different varieties of cuisine.

In addition to this, every individual that’s capable of carrying a set of barbecue tongs has their personal favorites and understands how to best cook and present their own beloved BBQ dishes.

Over the United States, there are four well known types of barbecue which exist; in Memphis, Texas, Kansas City and Carolina, and inside each one of those countries, barbecue restaurant franchises are available and give an exciting chance to fresh restaurant owners looking for a thriving business model inside a well established industry.

To whet your appetite for company from the Barbecue Franchise Market, here’s the”meat” of those truth!

1) 7, 429 Barbecue Franchises working since 1998; this figure has improved dramatically from 1998 – 2008. (1998 Recount U.S., an agency of NPD Foodservice Information Group, Rosemont, IL.)

2) Burgers (82 percent ), beef (79 percent ), chicken (72 percent ) and hot dogs (71 percent ) top the list of their very popular BBQ foods prepared on a hot barbecue grill!

3) Charcoal grill owners will be often motivated to cook in their charcoal grills with a desire to eat good tasting meals (77%)

4) Four in ten users who consume out of a charcoal grill (39 percent ) normally use barbecue sauce to add flavor to your own dishes. Most well-known flavors include hickory (65 percent ), mesquite (49 percent ) and honey (49 percent ). (Source: The Hearth, Barbecue and Patio Survey 2007)

5) The very first bottled barbecue sauce originated in Kansas City. (Dotty Griffith, Celebrating Barbecue…, 2002)

Is investing at a BBQ Franchise a sensible thing to do?

Passion for meals is paramount to conduct any successful BBQ restaurant business, and in case you’ve got the energy and will to succeed, then you should seriously think about taking the stocking up on a barbecue company.

In case you’ve got a strong gut feeling that there’s a good chance for a barbecue franchise at the subject which you’re thinking about starting, then begin trying to find a franchise that suits your financial standards while fulfilling your diners.

It needs to be understood that the first season is the toughest for any entrepreneur and it’s uncommon for a brand new BBQ franchise to break . Here is the character of starting a brand new restaurant franchise.

How much does it cost to conduct a BBQ restaurant business?

To begin your own barbecue restaurant franchise, then you need to be prepared to invest in the areas of $75,000 and $250,000 in total capital expenditure.

Your BBQ franchise fee could be expected to average out at about $35,000 and the franchisor may take a cut of about five percent of your takings.

Places, meanwhile, will probably be big and spacious. You will want to get a customer-facing strategy that may fill that area, night after night.

Some franchisors build from scratch to ensure standardized adventures. Bar-B-Cutie for instance, requires between 90 days and six weeks to construct and prepare a website, so keep this in your mind. If you’re in a rush to begin, which might not be the best way to go as that may douse your grilling fantasies within a bucket of cold water.

You can also discover that barbecue restaurant franchisors wish to be hands free and also take the lead on designing your BBQ restaurant in order it blends in with all the franchise’s manufacturer.

This may include things like employees workwear, menus, dinner dishes etc; leading titles such as the renowned barbecue restaurant series like the 55-year-old Bar-B-Cutie, are adamant in ensuring their company identity is retained intact within their own counterparts.

If, on the other hand, you like working out things your way, then it would be sensible to seek out a more compact barbecue restaurant franchise since they often have stricter controls on how that you operate your company.

It should go without saying, but always read the small print in almost any franchises stipulations, as they’ll all change, some to your own liking, and also some not.

If you believe that you are all set to take the tongs in your barbecue franchise and start your own restaurant, then have a look through these ardent franchise delight under and see exactly what lights your fire.

The present list of busy Barbecue Restaurant Franchises in the United States.

BD’s Mongolian BBQ

Since 1992, BD’s has been providing a unique, interactive dining experience that sets them apart from the contest focusing on: Fun, Choice and Control. BD’s are now searching for franchise partners to assist them build on the success they’ve experienced with both owner-operated and franchise restaurants.
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

When you start a Dickey’s BBQ restaurant business, you are not opening a restaurant. You are becoming part of their household. That is why Dickey’s is your largest fast-casual barbecue manufacturer in the United States, and the fastest growing.

Dickey’s are very discerning about who they decide to combine the Dickey’s BBQ franchise household. When it’s an Owner/Operator or a staff member, they pick just the very best.
Famous Dave’s Barbeque

Famous Dave’s is a”specialty” casual dining restaurant franchise, producing surroundings that surpass present restaurant offerings by viewing the maximum caliber, flavor-intense foods in environment which are exciting, intriguing and enjoyable! Famous Dave’s is much more than a restaurant – it is an escape from the normal.

As of June 15, 2009, Famous Dave’s had 176 restaurants available – 46 corporate and 130 franchised locations in 38 nations. They’ve been rated #1 at our restaurant class by’Entrepreneur Magazine’ in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Sonny’s Bar-B-Q

Sonny’s reputation was not built overnight – it has been nearly 40 years in the building. Sonny’s Bar-B-Q customer approval is dependent on their unwavering dedication to creating excellent Bar-B-Q served by excellent men and women.

Now, their achievement continues as a consequence of a powerful family of committed franchisees backed with a good system which delivers consistent products and gains.

In Sonny’s Franchise Company, community participation is a high priority. That is why they encourage various community initiatives across the southeast. Sonny’s has powerful partnerships in Education, Arts & Humanities, Charitable Initiatives, Youth Development and Human Services.

Virginia Barbeque

Their business model was especially designed to be family friendly for their clients and the franchise owner. Owners are attracted to the BBQ industry due to the lifestyle freedoms which are unique for their series that opens at 11 am and closes no later than 9pm.

Virginia Barbecue will also be quick to point out that,”Americans now spend 47.9 percent of their annual food budget in restaurants, making it nearly equal with grocery stores and other retailers as their main source of food, the NRA stated.”

Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Woody’s possess a fire for Bar-B-Q, and a passion for good franchise partners. Having a decrease startup entrance price and exceptional franchisee assistance, Woody’s is a fantastic opportunity inside the fast-growing casual dining area. And, Bar-B-Q is thicker than ever before.

Woody’s are dedicated to training new franchisees in all facets of operating a brand new BBQ franchise company and supply dynamic opening marketing assistance and client production methods, and also the toll-free service line ensures that as a new franchisee, you’ll always have somebody on hand to provide help. Want to know more info click

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